Material : Sterling Silver 925

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The Begale collection is one that is sophisticated, sharp and elegant. It is mostly made of straight lines, perfect circles, cylinders and smooth edges. This 7 branch candelabra is a beauty of a judaica silver piece, its base sits evenly on 4 groups of 2 mini sterling silver spheres and features a high-gloss finish. The base can be divided into 3 sections, the first and lowest one being a flat disc, the second being entirely upright and having vertical lines etched all the way around. The base then continues upwards becoming narrower as it reaches towards the trunk. The trunk of this beautiful 7 branch sterling silver candelabra is entirely vertical with no embellishments aside for soft, even lines etched around its circumference. The branches, which are evenly distributed around the top of the trunk, are entirely smooth and cylindrical. Each one is shaped as a half circle and is almost the width of the trunk, making them very bold.

The connection between the branches and the cupholders of this silver candelabra centerpiece is a high-gloss sphere with a little bit of a silver lip on each side.
The cup holders have the same soft vertical etchings all the way from bottom to the top by their slight, flat lip, where the candle ultimately sits. Smooth vertical lines, which emphasize the height of this majestic 7 arm silver candelabra Go ahead and pair up this 7 branch candelabra with a silver tray or a set of candlesticks you already have for a complete look at your dinner table.