Material : Sterling Silver 925


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The Begale Collection is known for its heavy use of rounded curves, straight lines, and cylinders, and this 11 arm candelabra is no exception. An attractive combination of simple decoration and smooth curves makes this piece an appealing option for many families searching for the perfect Judaica piece for their home.

This 11 arm silver candelabra sits on a perfectly round base, smooth except for the tiny curled feet supporting the entire structure. The second tier of the base rises above it, adorned with a series of straight lines drawing the eye upward. The smooth top of the base narrows into a thick stem, solid like the trunk of a tree and straight as an arrow.

The branches of this 11 candle candelabra curve in a semicircle shape, reminiscent of the crescent moon, the silver faces reflecting the light of the candles. A silver ball rests atop each branch, and a long cylinder caps off the entire piece, giving the impression of an elongated, dramatically tall dining table candelabra.

  • Lifetime warranty for this sterling silver candelabra
  • Handcrafted by the finest silversmiths especially for you
  • Exceptional design for a memorable Judaica piece

Remarkable craftsmanship and quality combine with unconventional design and sophistication to make this 11 arm candelabra an impressive choice for your Shabbat table.