Height : 22.83 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $11,567

Special Price $9,832


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A 10 branch candelabra is a large, heavy impressive Judaica silver piece. With numerous designs and varieties already available, the artists at Hazorfim have created a unique collection called the Begale Collection. This collection features mainly straight lines, symmetrical shapes, sterling silver spheres and thick parts.

Starting at the top, the branches of this 10 branch sterling silver candelabra are sleek, perfectly round and are each shaped like a half circle. They house the cup holders, which are elongated cylinders with vertical etchings on the entire surface and give an even longer look to this already tall silver candelabra centerpiece. The trunk continues in the same cylindrical fashion, with the same vertical etchings as the cup holders, and stands straight and unwavering as it holds the ten branches with ease.

The base of this 10 arm silver candelabra is round, highly polished and very pleasing to the eye. No complicated designs on this one, it has cut out vertical lines along the middle of the base, which itself is vertical and sits flat on the feet, which are sweet, miniature sterling silver spheres, placed as four sets of two each.

This ten branch candelabra pulls the whole family together as it stands tall in the center of the table and strongly each member with a branch each Show your family how important they are as you bring in the holy Shabbat every week by having one solid branch of sterling silver stand tall for each of them on this 10 branch candelabra.