Height : 21.06 inch
Width : 15.94 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Beautiful silver folk artefacts have abounded in Jewish homes from time immemorial. Artisans in those days, handcrafted objects that harmonized with their religious practices and rituals. Today, sophisticated silversmiths have improved on the editions of the past. 

An ancient tradition is to light candles before Shabbat and on holy holidays. A brightly lit silver 5-branched candelabra, handcrafted by talented Hazorfim artists, authenticates this tradition.

Made from 925 sterling silver with a height of 21.06 inches and a width of 15.94 inches, this stunning candelabra has great significance in welcoming Shabbat. 

The majestic 5-armed candelabra stands tall on a sturdy square base with the stem reaching upwards and spreading into 5 branches that rise and fall in perfect rhythm. The candle cups are supported by ornate drip trays to protect wax from trickling down onto the arms and stem. The distinct triangular-shaped feet are the foundations of this splendid piece of silver. They proudly uphold the structure and maintain its balance.

 Some of the benefits of owning this impressive candelabra are:

  • Made from fully polished 925 silver - and easy to maintain
  • Has a Lifetime Warranty
  • Can be custom made
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

Candelabras were initially designed to produce light and to adorn the Shabbos table. 

They are synonymous with good taste and bring an air of grandeur and polish to your home. 

The Hazorfim team is always at your service.