Height : 21.26 inch
Width : 15.75 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This magnificent piece of art created by the talented hands of the Hazorfim silversmiths’ forms part of the Bazel candelabra collection.

The shape and glory of this candelabra are reminiscent of an orchestra, with the conductor stem choreographing musicians to ever delight their audiences. 

Bazel is a name going back in time that has the connotation of royalty. A befitting description for this majestic 11 branched silver candelabra. It stands tall resting on a broad and balanced 4 cornered beautifully embossed base. The stem narrows slightly then reaches high and finally broadens and blossoms displaying 11 splendid branches. Each branch curves wavelike bowing then rising to support the angular candle cups that are sculpted with a unique, intricate mosaic design. A breath-taking and majestic work of art!

Hazorfim’s talented artisans excel in creating these timeless chef d’oeuvres by using simple tools and similar methods to their forefathers. 

Standing at a height of 21.26 inches and 15.75 inches wide, the added benefits of owning this enchanting 11 branched silver candelabra are:

  • Handcrafted with 925 silver sterling 
  • Long-lasting and polished to perfection
  • Custom produced specifically to your order
  • Shipped worldwide at no extra cost
  • Brings a touch of culture to your table

This silver candelabra has a magnetic quality. While enjoying your Shabbat meal, your attention is instinctively drawn to its varied shades of silver, mirrored by the light. If only every day could be Shabbat!