Height : 22.05 inch
Width : 14.17 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,153

Special Price $1,722


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In Your light do we see light (Psalms 36:10)It all began here. Jews from all over the world come to the Hazorfim workshop in Hevel Modi’in- the location where the Hasmonean rebellion broke out. They come here to choose the piece which will light up their window; a hanukiah from the House of Hazorfim- available in dozens of styles and sizes, each elegant and handmade from the finest sterling silver. The Bakio Decorated Hanukiah was inspired during a visit by Hazorfim’s master silversmiths to the city of Bakio in the Basque region of Spain. This stunning piece is styled in Baroque fashion and adorned with decorations of silver leaves and tendrils that combine with the rounded lines to create a rare and beautiful hanukiah. When this delightful piece is lit, it recalls the bright, sun-drenched vineyards of the Bakio Valley.

The inspiration for this unique collection followed a visit by Hazorfim’s artists to the city of Bakio in Spain’s Basque region. Bakio is home to a mesmerizing mix of styles which inspired our stunning new range of silver art. The foundation of the pieces in the collection is Gothic-style, which boasts additional Baroque-style decorations. Further elegance comes from skillfully sculpted silver tendrils which intertwine and are carefully added by hand. The Bakio Collection is an optimistic tribute to the beautiful vineyards of the Bakio Valley.