Height : 19.09 inch
Width : 12.60 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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The Bakio Cordo Decorated 9 branch silver candelabra is nothing short of a revelation. Hazorfim’s expert silver artists have created a dazzling example of simplicity and opulence, designed especially for your Shabbat table.


Inspired by the beautiful vineyards of the Bakio Valley, in the Basque region of Spain, the Bakio collection is something to behold. This sterling silver candelabra combines Gothic and Baroque styles to craft something entirely new. The broad base of this sterling silver 9 branch candelabra narrows elegantly into a unique stem adorned with vines.


This Judaica silver piece is a stately representation of the artisans’ experience. The candle holders are elaborately and intricately decorated, the center candle holder rising grandly above the others. The arms stretch out in waves, giving the piece a bit of movement and a hint of playfulness. This 9 branch silver candelabra is a truly unique work of art.


  • Solid, stable base so you can place this candelabra wherever you want
  • Brings a modern twist on a time long past to your Shabbat table
  • Professionally shined and polished sterling silver 925
  • At 19 inches high, the perfect size for a centerpiece
  • Superior artistry and craftsmanship that is guaranteed to last a lifetime


Lighting this dazzling candelabra is an inimitable way to bring Shabbat into your home. Celebrate your love for your tradition and heritage with this 9 branch silver candelabra.

The inspiration for this unique collection followed a visit by Hazorfim’s artists to the city of Bakio in Spain’s Basque region. Bakio is home to a mesmerizing mix of styles which inspired our stunning new range of silver art. The foundation of the pieces in the collection is Gothic-style, which boasts additional Baroque-style decorations. Further elegance comes from skillfully sculpted silver tendrils which intertwine and are carefully added by hand. The Bakio Collection is an optimistic tribute to the beautiful vineyards of the Bakio Valley.