Height : 38 cm
Diameter : 16 cm
Material : Sterling Silver 925


“With a rose blossom design” (2nd Chronicles 4:5)

The Arco Ruz Vase from the house of Hazorfim is a pure piece of silver art. Hazorfim drew their inspiration for this design from a thick tree planted firmly in the ground and so created a classic and elegant vase filled with woodland decorations. With meticulous and precise craftsmanship Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths created delicate and detailed decorations that mimic leaves and tree roots symbolizing the wide family and the continuity from one generation to the next. The body of the vase is very gently curved- crafted by sculpting the soft silver to create a look that is both beautiful and which seems to skirt the boundaries of the possible. The Arco Ruz Vase will renew your home and decorate your table with a silver vineyard.

The Arco Collection is inspired by the form of the tree, rooted in the ground and standing tall. The resulting pieces are constructed on bases of firm, well-established arches which rise up to form a collection of superior silverware. Each piece is adorned with delicate and intricate decorations styled on the leaves of a tree.

Hazorfim’s skilled silver artists patiently hand-sculpt the body of each piece and the decorations which adorn it; an exact process demanding skill and attention to the smallest of details. The time dedicated to each piece in the Arco Collection symbolizes the effort and thought devoted to nurturing and strengthening the family unit- honoring the mitzvot and reminding us of the importance of strong family roots.