Height : 25.00 inch
Width : 16.34 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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The Medium-Sized Arco Ibiza Menorah takes traditional embellishment to the highest level, creating a lovely design, perfect for generations of family Chanukah festivals yet to come. The nine cups feature a ribbed, urn-like shape, each resting on a tiny, open petaled flower. The shamash stands highest and in the central position.

A tiny bulb shape sits beneath each candle cup followed by slender, but leafy branches that come together at the menorah’s stem. There are four rounded, medallion-stamped pieces that separate and give definition to the menorah’s branches, just above the main part of the elongated, pear-shaped detail-stamped stem. The menorah’s circular domed base repeats the heavily stamped embellishing treatment, finishing with four tiny detailed feet to support the base.

Whether you choose to light with traditional olive oil or candles, your family’s mitzvah of Chanukkah candle lighting will most certainly be elevated when you use this to perform the mitzvah of candle lighting each night of the holiday.

  • This menorah features a leafy nature-inspired detail with heavy stamped embellishment.
  • Created with superior quality craftsmanship and timeless design.
  • Created exclusively from the finest 925 sterling silver.
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees this product’s beauty forever.
  • Free worldwide shipping is provided for your added convenience.

If you’ve been considering a sterling silver menorah, add this exquisite Medium-Sized Arco Ibiza Menorah to your growing Judaica collection for years of Hanukkah enjoyment. Perhaps you’ll consider giving it as a fabulous and sure to be treasured gift.

The Arco Collection is inspired by the form of the tree, rooted in the ground and standing tall. The resulting pieces are constructed on bases of firm, well-established arches which rise up to form a collection of superior silverware. Each piece is adorned with delicate and intricate decorations styled on the leaves of a tree.

Hazorfim’s skilled silver artists patiently hand-sculpt the body of each piece and the decorations which adorn it; an exact process demanding skill and attention to the smallest of details. The time dedicated to each piece in the Arco Collection symbolizes the effort and thought devoted to nurturing and strengthening the family unit- honoring the mitzvot and reminding us of the importance of strong family roots.