Height : 9.84 inch
Diameter : 7.87 inch
Material : Silver Plated

Regular Price: $231

Special Price $208


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When you add this silver wine decanter to your collection of Shabbat and holiday finery, you will be enhancing the look of your table and transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary. This piece is not essential to your celebration of Shabbat and it therefore adds a level of luxury to your table which will earn you numerous compliments from your family and friends alike when they see your beautifully set table each and every week.

This magnificent wine decanter stands on a circular platform and then curves outwards and widens, before curving back in, forming an oval-shaped bottle to hold the wine. A long neck rises from the center of the piece, widening minimally as it rises, and then bending out on one side to end with a broader spout, with the whole piece designed with tiny hammer blows. A thin, smooth silver handles arches out from the head of the spout, just below the lip, and then curves down, giving the decanter the look of a jug, and finishing it with an exceptional elegance.

  • Handmade with an incredible design and beautiful form
  • Adds a look of class to your table
  • Firm base ensures spill-free use
  • Elegant way to hold your wine at the table
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees it beauty forever

If you’re looking to buy silver wine decanters with a remarkable beauty and outstanding from, this silver wine decanter fits the bill and outshines other options on the market, making it the perfect piece for you.