Wholesale FAQs

Any wholesaler or retailer can sign up for an account, after which each account will be reviewed to determine its compatibility to Hazorfim. We retain the right to deny any account at any time with no further Explanation.Upon opening an account Hazorfim will determine the payment arrangements And general account status.
We value a long term relationship, therefore, each account will have its own terms of payment. Upon initiating an account, a Hazorfim manager will contact the customer to finalize the terms with the wholesaler and/or retailer.
A Hazorfim wholesale/retail account requires a minimum purchase of five (5) items per category, which means that each item must be ordered in increments of five (5).
Hazorfim will do its utmost to ensure the high quality of our products. In case of any defective merchandise please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.
Who do we use?

We use all domestic and international couriers. The choice depends on the amount of time it will take for our wholesaler to receive delivery.

How long does it take?

Standard shipping takes between 5 - 7 business days, but there is also an option for overnight delivery.

Cost of shipping? See chart. .
Hazorfim will make a concerted effort to meet the delivery deadlines delineated on this website. However, the company will not be held responsible for the failure to meet such deadlines. The buyer hereby waives any claim or demand he might have against Hazorfim due to a delay in delivery of the products. In addition, Hazorfim will not be held responsible for any delay in shipping or failure of delivery in those cases where the cause is due to incorrect or false data provided by the customer, or due to action or inaction of the shipping suppliers or delivery services.
All items shipped from Hazorfim are insured up until receipt of the delivery by the customer or anyone else who has been delegated by the customer to receive delivery of the items.
All Hazorfim items sold on the Hazorfim/Wholesale website have a full warranty, which means:Damaged upon receipt of delivery Missing parts Broken parts Damaged boxThis does not include lost or stolen items. A notice of lost orstolen items must be reported within the first 48 hours upon receipt of delivery.
This depends on the reason for the return.

If anything is missing from the item, Hazorfim will pay for shipping both ways.

Defective item from shipment - we pay both ways.

General returns (in other words, if an item is being returned because the wholesaler/retailer has decided that he/she does not like the item) then the shipping cost (both ways) is incurred by the customer

To ensure a positive purchase experience for all our customers, Hazorfim discourages the practice of buying and returning products, on a regular basis. Therefore, Hazorfim will invoke a nonrefundable charge to the wholesaler/retailor, for receipt as well as for return of the items

The refund will be in the same form of payment as used in the purchase. If for any reason that is not possible, we will notify the customer in advanceto formulate a viable solution.
Please contact us before shipping back any item.

Defective items: Should be returned to: J.M. Field (Hazorfim) 3570 NW 53rd Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309Products with missing parts: Should be returned to the same address as above.General returns: Please contact us.