7 arm silver candelabras

At dusk every Friday, Jewish mothers usher in the Day of Rest by kindling two Shabbos candles. The prevalent custom is to light an additional candle for each child. A magnificent 7 arm silver candelabra is the perfect option for a family with five children.

Celebrate the incoming peace of Shabbat with a spectacular Hazorfim-crafted 7 branch silver candelabra.


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  • All 7 arm candelabra are custom-made from top quality, pure sterling silver
  • Perfectly polished and ease of upkeep
  • Specialised silver skills make these pieces aesthetic, elegant and unique
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees it remains as new as the day you bought it
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Collections and Designs

Hazorfim’s 7 arm silver candelabra are inspired by styles from various collections, amongst them the following examples:


  • Our artists’ inspiration for the Bagatel collection came from the luxury diamond that bears the same name. To imbue our silver with a diamond-like sheen and finish, Hazorfim’s artists create pieces with sharp, smooth sides, giving them a classy, clean-cut and scintillating appearance.

The simplicity of this handcrafted seven candle silver candelabra is what makes it such a breathtaking and elegant piece. Its square foundation, topped by a circular base, supports a sleek, polished stem branching into seven upward arching arms. These factors make this silver candelabra a luxurious focal point of the festive Jewish home.


  • The Begale collection is sophisticated, clear-cut and elegant, its design a medley of bold line, circles, pedestals and flowing edges. This 7 branch silver candelabra is a Judaica masterpiece. Its base sits evenly on four groups of two mini sterling silver spheres. It then continues upwards, narrowing as it reaches towards the vertical trunk, with virtually no embellishments. The evenly distributed branches are entirely smooth and cylindrical.

Connecting the branches and cup holders of this 7 arm silver candelabra is a high-gloss sphere sided with delicate silver lips. The cup holders repeat the motif of soft vertical etchings from the bottom to the top, where the candle ultimately sits. Smooth vertical lines emphasize the height of this majestic 7 light silver candelabra. Pair up this seven branch candelabrum with a silver tray for a complete look at your dinner table.


  • At Hazorfim, we pay homage to the unique art of the Jews of Yemen with our Filigree Collection. These pieces incorporate the ancient skill of crafting fine silver threads in artistic patterns, forming magnificent silver decorations which lend oriental embellishment to the final masterpiece. The 7 light silver candelabras have a smooth finish enhanced with delicate filigree details. Crafted by the most talented artisans in the industry they are perfect to the finest detail.

With six graceful branches thrusting up from a central column, this stunning 7 branch candelabra’s classic design will add style and elegance to your Shabbat and Yom Tov celebrations. The seven goblets can be used with either candles or oil cups.

7 branch candelabra can be custom designed according to the style of whichever collection or combination thereof you choose.

7 arm silver candelabra as décor & Judaica items

Far more than a simple source of illumination, the 7 candle candelabra has long been a staple of home adornment as well as an item of religious significance. The modern Jewish home demands new interpretations of traditional motifs. Hazorfim is proud to bring you beautiful candelabra of both classic and contemporary styles.

The iconic 7 candle silver candelabra enjoys a rich history in Jewish culture. Used extensively at festive dinners, as well as on Shabbat and Yom Tov, the candelabra has enchanted viewers with its proud stance and scintillating lights for millennia. Candelabras range from demure tabletop centrepieces to larger examples suitable for display in high visibility areas.

Besides enhancing your table and home as distinctive pieces of cultural art, our 7 branch silver candelabra will be passed down the generations as part of your family's heritage. We create only the finest in sterling silver candelabra, handmade by master craftsmen. Our selection will delight both those seeking clean-cut seven arm designs or more elaborate pieces. We will even custom design 7 branch silver candelabra to suit your budget and taste.

Release the light and blessings of the Shabbat candles in your home with our 7 arm silver candelabra. Simple or sophisticated, this fine Judaica art will bring style and panache to your home. Your sterling silver seven labra candelabrum will be a treasured and beloved treasure for generations to come.


At Hazorfim we bring you a wide selection of unrivalled beautiful sterling silver candelabras for Shabbat and Yom Tov candle lighting. Our superb range will assure that you find a suitable gift for a wedding or birth. Our seven branch silver candelabras are classic items of top quality sterling silver with rare expertise fully apparent in the superb pieces of unparalleled craftsmanship. We are proud to offer a candelabrum to suit any taste.

A 7 arm silver candelabra from Hazorfim transforms the Shabbat table from attractive to exquisite. Purchase this item today and make the transformation.