3 arm silver candelabras

Candelabra is the traditional term we use for a set of multiple candlesticks, each of which holds a candle on top of multiple branches or arms connected to a central column or pedestal. Traditionally, two Shabbat candles are lit on Friday night to usher in the holy day. It has become a tradition in many communities to add an additional candle for each child born into the family. A 3 arm silver candelabra serves this purpose to perfection.There is no more beautiful way of celebrating the birth of a first child than by bringing a Hazorfim 3 branch silver candelabra into your home.
  • All 3 arm candelabra are custom-made from top quality pure sterling silver
  • Perfectly polished, and easy to maintain, with no hard-to-reach areas
  • Specialised silver skills make these pieces majestic and adds elegance to any setting
  • Solid well-balanced pieces
  • Beauty guaranteed to last, with a lifetime warranty
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your convenience


Collections and Designs

Hazorfim’s 3 arm silver candelabra are inspired by and based on styles from various collections, that include the following:

    • 3 candle silver candelabra from the Bolero collection at Hazorfim are classic masterpieces of an exceptionally trendy style and provide a taste of European culture. Pieces in this collection were inspired by the intriguing Bolero dresses from the Spanish culture.


To recreate the look of the dresses’ luxurious velvet folds, our master silversmiths polish these Judaica silver pieces numerous times throughout the various stages of their production. The final polish is implemented using traditional handcrafting methods and tools made especially for this purpose.


  • The Ben Yehuda collection is opulent and graceful. Rich in design with much fine detail, its pieces resemble Jewish styles showcased in pre-war Austria Hungarian homes. Hazorfim’s 3 light silver candelabra based on this style generally have one main centre column supporting three graceful labra that elegantly curve downwards and back up again to anchor the candle goblets.


The entire silver candelabrum centrepiece is heavily decorated, engraved and embellished with swirls of silver, shimmering spheres and ebullient carvings, recreating a royal ambience reminiscent of the Victorian candelabras so widely used in the 1800’s.


  • Filigree 3 light silver candelabras are a classic style, integral to any collection of Judaica silver pieces. The design is crafted patiently with much attention to every detail. Even the most experienced silversmith devotes diligence and precision to shaping and placing each tiny filament of metal to form an intricate pattern.


Reminiscent of the fine art that was traditionally passed down from generation to generation, these 3 branch candelabras’ subtle curves add a touch of modernity to traditional Yemenite silver art skills.


3 arm silver candelabra as décor & Judaica items

Who doesn’t love the appearance of a table set to perfection with sparkling silver? Add Hazorfim’s 3 candle candelabrum to your Shabbat table’s finery to achieve this truly glorious splendor. A three candle silver candelabra proclaims its presence with sensational and striking ambiance. Add royalty to any meal by placing this stunning 3 branch silver candelabra as a table centrepiece and charm your guests with its brilliance.

As a Judaica artefact, a 3 candle silver candelabra skilfully weaves old tradition and modern design together in timeless fashion. A beautiful shimmer will light up your room as you dine, enhance the atmosphere in your home and invite family and friends to linger and enjoy. The profuse skill utilized in this piece will imbue any setting with majesty and elegance.

Forging a chain between mother and daughter over generations, this 3 branch silver candelabra will without doubt be a timeless and classic Judaica piece for you to enjoy forever.



Our 3 arm silver candelabra are classic items, designed and created by Yakov Merdinger, founder and senior artisan of Hazorfim. It was he who conceptualized an Israeli silver store with a vast array of designs and artists who would produce superior Judaica silver pieces for display and worldwide distribution. Top quality sterling silver and rare expertise are fully apparent in these superb pieces of unrivalled craftsmanship

A three branch silver candelabra will add to the joy of every Shabbat and Yom Tov for years to come; even after its candles burn low, its resplendence will continue to brighten heart and home.